BIG K BBQ Buffet In Boise : Restaurant Review

Tired of high priced high fa-looting barbecue places with tiny portions that seem to have forgotten their roots?! ME TOO! Good news is there is a glimmer of hope here in Boise!

I got word through the grapevine about Big K BBQ down in Garden City, Boise, Idaho via the Idaho Statesman article a friend shared and well, being a foodie, and it being my birthday I got in touch and found out that they were open before their big grand opening and so I headed down to see what was what.

Oh heavens! Tucked away in an unassuming little place next to a barber shop you’d never know the wonders that await you inside. Walking in the decoration is nice and has plenty of good BBQ flare. I was welcomed almost immediately with a smile and invited to come on in and sit down – family style! – and dig in!

Small but mighty! Big K does it right! A nice selection of delicious traditional side dishes like cole slaw and potato salad along with killer smashed potatoes! Their baked beans are a delight as well. Corn pudding and macaroni and cheese that don’t mess around are both just compliments to what is to come – MEAT!

Pulled pork, BBQ medley, sausage, meatballs, smokey chicken, and RIBS! All very tasty with a good selection of sauces. Gotta say, for them to not even be “officially open” yet they are off to a great start. Even though I work out of Meridian some 15 miles away a quick jump on the interstate for some savory digs isn’t out of the question. The price is good – a whole buffet of all you want for the same price you might pay for just ONE thing somewhere else! The food is great and the folks will make you feel like you’re right at home. Get down to BIG K’s! Foodie Foundation approved!